Graad 11 – Engels

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1 Mei

Good morning Gr 11’s
I am sending you the memos for the summary etc from Wednesday.
Summary: Be sure to count every word and draw a line when you reach 70. Stop marking there. Any point made out of that range is to be ignored.
Here are the 7 facts..

Advertisement and cartoon memo to follow.
Please be very specific when marking the cartoon. You HAVE to describe actions and facial expressions in detail!

Now finish the last part of that Paper by doing the Language/Editing question. Question 5. Pages 11-13

I will send screenshots too.
Memo will be sent on Monday.

Remember when doing reported speech to change all pronouns, as well as the time ( today = that day etc) and to move verbs one step into the past!


29 April

English homework.
Dear class, here follows the memo for the Comprehension exercise given on Monday. Please mark.
Thereafter we continue doing the rest of that Paper. Some of you already have the file. For the rest, I will send the screenshots. Let’s do the summary, advertisement and cartoon by tomorrow eve and the language ( Editing skills) on Friday.
Thanks for doing your share to stay up to date.
Mrs B x

New work:


27 April

English homework: Good morning to you all.
At the end of last term we did some exercises on People, Places and Trades taken from English Made Easy. These were not marked. I am sending you a copy of the exercises that had to be done as well as the memo. In some we only did odd numbers, others even numbers so just mark according to what you had to do.

I am also sending a Grade 11 Paper 1 to everyone who can open PDF files, for the rest I will screenshot as we go along. We all start with the Comprehension and slowly work our way through this paper, depending on how long lockdown continues…

The Comprehension includes TEXT A and TEXT B and counts a total of 30 marks. This can be completed by Wednesday evening. Memo will follow on Thursday.

ENGFAL P1 GR11 QP NOV2019 lockdown


23 April

Dear Gr 11’s I trust you are all well and doing the work I am sending through.
Here follows the memo for the English Language and Editing skills.
Please mark your work and do the corrections! Give your corrections a heading and rewrite the sentences over correctly! Do not just mark it, I want to see that you actually rewrote the entire sentence if yours was wrong.
New work to follow tomorrow.

Thank you Mrs. Suzaan for pointing out that 5.1.9 is not in the memo.
Tag question.
Here the answer:
Nelson Mandela Bay is a value-for-money holiday destination, isn’t it? / is it not?


20 April

English FAL homework.
Hi everyone. I trust you are finished with the short stories. Now we can move on to Grammar and Editing skills. I am sending you a document with a variety of language structures to practise. Please do these in the front of your writtenwork books. You may need to go through your Gr 9 and 10 notes to recall how to go about some of these, but as with Afrikaans, you should have done these every year…so this serves as revision. The heading is “Lockdown Language Activity.”
Good luck and keep working. Ma’am


Here are screenshots of the pages if you cannot open the document. Rewrite the sentences in your books before actually attempting to answer the question. (Hope this helps)


17 April

Dear Class, I trust you are almost finished reading and answering the questions on the 2 short stories…. I would like you to do the extended writing ( The three question of 5 marks each) total of 15 marks on the Love Potion but you Need NOT do the Enrichment activity of Forbidden Clothes. ( If you have, then it was good writing practise, not labour lost! ?)
I will give you new work next week. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe x


14 April

Dear Gr 11’s. I trust you are all staying at home working on some school work in order to stay up to date as far as possible under these strange conditions.
As fas as your English work is concerned I wish to remind you to do the following:
1) Finish the exercises on People, Places and Professions (Trades) we were busy with. Refer to English Made Easy. Pg 146 – 153 and do exercises 10.3, 3.7, 4.5 as well as 5.6 +9.4
Then move onto the Literature I asked you to do.
The 1st 2 stories in your anthologies.
“The Love Potion” and “Forbidden Clothes.”
You need to read the stories and do the questions in the book plus go through the notes I handed out to you at the end of the term. Do those questions too. Underline the important sentences so that you thoroughly understand those 2 stories. We can touch on them again very briefly but there will not be enough time to do them again from scratch. YOU NEED TO DO THEM ON YOUR OWN!
Next week I will post more language activities to do.
Keep on reading whenever you have extra time!
Take care and feel free to send me a private whatsapp if you need any help.
Ma’am x