Graad 12 – Engels

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29 April

Good morning Gr 12’s
Here follows the memos for the Summary, advertisement and Cartoon sent on Monday.
Please mark your summary according to the green highlighted areas and read the extra note attached. No more than the word limit will be marked.
When marking the cartoon, please take extra care to check whether you described exactly what you saw, i.e the hands, the eyes, body leaning forward…do not merely say her…BODY LANGUAGE! Describe the body language!

Dear class, when you have marked and thought about how you can improve on the above mistakes you made then the next thing you need to do for the rest of the week is to study the contextual and assessment questions in MCMA. Q on pages 110 -123 and do these by testing yourself against the memo on pages 128 – 135.
( If there is to be a literature FAT this term I will be taking the questions from there!) So it will be worth your while to study this while you have the extra time during lockdown.
Remember….”Your attitude determines your altitude” ?


27 April

English Homework: Good morning to all of you. I would like you to do the following extracts from November 2014’s

Paper 1: Pages 8: The summary, Page 9 & 10 : Study the advertisement and the cartoon and answer their questions.

Please have that done by Wednesday.

EnglishFAL-P1 2014


23 April

Dear Gr 12’s
I trust you are all well and doing the work I am sending through to you.
Herewith follow the memorandums for the Lang exercises from Papers 2014 and 2015.
Kindly mark your work and be sure to do your corrections!
New work to follow tomorrow.


20 April

Gr 12’s EFAL
Good day to all of you. I trust you are well. I am going to send you 2 Language and Editing Skills extracts taken from Past Papers for you to work through in the Language section of your books.
But, aside from doing that, I would also like everyone to spend time looking for something to use for prepared reading. It can be something from the internet, like a famous speech by some influencial person in history or it can be a humorous text that is entertaining or even an extract from one of the short stories in “Changes” or take something from your Drama. It must be about 2.5 minutes long. Start finding something and practise reading it aloud. Get help with pronunciation and the meaning of difficult words. You will have to make copies of it as soon as school starts, and there is going to be limited time for all of this. So start looking for an appropriate text now while time allows.
The language activity will follow shortly.
Take care, Ma’am x

English First Additional Language Lockdown Gr 12 Nov 2014

The 2015 paper will follow shortly.

English First Additional Language Nov 2015 Lockdown Gr 12


14 April

Dear Gr 12’s. I trust you are all well and working a bit on all your subjects to stay up to date. As far as English is concerned you have to do the following:
Read My Children My Africa again. At least once! I cannot emphasize it enough because you will not remember the detail if you rely on only hearing it in class.
Then do all the questions in the red binder. There are plenty and even some questions taken from past papers. Mark them from the memo ( the memo which I gave you- red or green binder)
Thereafter read “The Doll’s house”. Do all possible questions, both from Changes and your red binder…same as with MCMA.
Once that has been done and marked…move onto
“The Last breath”. Read and then do the questions. Everyone has the necessary books in order to finish all this. We can then briefly discuss these 2 stories when schools reopen and move onto our 3rd short story.
Please tell your friends too since there will not be sufficient time for me to start these from scratch. You need to do some work from your side to get through the curriculum!
Once this has been done, I will send you some grammar exercises to practise.
You have until Tuesday to finish the literature.
Ps. I need not remind you that during these extraordinary times it takes some extraordinary effort to be victorious at the end!
Good luck.
For any questions, please feel free to send me a whatsapp privately.
Ma’am x